Research shows that when asked about lawyers, most people think that they are aloof, expensive, don’t care about customer service, blind you with legal jargon, charge you for photocopying a piece of paper or a quick query, surprise you with hidden costs at the last minute and are academically gifted but not that emotionally intelligent. 

Think again. Not all lawyers are the same. 

You need a lawyer who talks the same business language as you. 

Meet Hannen Beith - Senior Paralegal.

Hannen is personable, professional, expedient, has integrity, is reliable and explains legal matters simply in clear and down to earth English.  

He looks like a lawyer with his white hair, and is a very experienced one too. Unlike many lawyers, Hannen is atypically down to earth, professional, honest, expedient and passionate about exemplary customer service. 

Hannen has over 45 years’ experience as a lawyer, he has worked in a law firm, run his own law firm, worked in-house, has been a deputy district judge and worked as an adjudicator for the Law Society, so he has extensive experience for you to draw upon.  

The Law Society recently published a feature on Hannen, please click here to read it.